Organise and showcase your work, securely store all your files online, deliver files to clients, distribute to agents, sell licences, manage your business processes. Including managed hosting on servers in the EU. And with support in English…


39monthly *
  • 1 TB redundant storage
  • Up to 1.000.000 files
  • Two administrator accounts
  • Many additional professional functions


29monthly *
  • 100 GB redundant storage
  • Up to 100.000 files
  • One administrator account
Every version of Infradox XP offers you an enormous array of functions. XP Pro furthermore offers a number of extras for the most demanding professional. Upgradeable if you need more than 1 Terabyte high res file storage space.

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XP features overview

All XP versions

  • Private database for your files, metadata, user accounts, orders, logs et cetera

  • No data sharing whatsoever, 100% dedicated solution just for you

  • No commission on sales or other hidden costs

  • Websites in different user interface languages

  • Managed hosting in Europe (The Netherlands)

  • Secure online storage of all your high res files, not just the photos you want to showcase online

  • Can be linked to cloud storage for extra backups and security

  • Professional functions that photo libraries have been relying on for years

  • Regular updates with new functions and improvements, also based on your input

  • Completely web based solution, accessible always and everywhere

  • Various themes available and completely customisable

  • Quickly up and running and configured according to your specifications

  • For files from a single photographer or artist

  • For an overview of features and possibilities: XP features or our website

Only for XP Pro

  • Upgradeable if you need more than 1 Terabyte high res file storage

  • In addition to the “super admin” account, an extra admin account for e.g. an assistant with their own permissions

  • Automatically add files to websites of your agents

  • Hosting of archives for clients by use of subdomains

  • Invoicing, reminders, recording of payments, SEPA exports for your banking software

  • Automatic creation of galleries (e.g. for files from a shoot, a subject, a football match) based on configurable rules

  • Automatically adding of related keywords and synonyms based on the built-in controlled vocabulary (taxonomy)

  • Add high resolution files with both the built-in uploader and with FTP

  • Lightboxes and galleris downloadable as PDF for which you can configure the layout, lightbox collaboration which lets multiple people work on the same lightboxes

  • Creation and automatically enabling and disabling of price agreements and subscriptions

  • Time based restrictions and reservations, automatically enabled and disabled, including reminders and notifications

  • Priority when new updates are available and support priority

Frequently asked questions

Contrary to most other online solutions, your data and files are not stored in a central database. You have your own personal database which stores data for your website only. Your website for example has its own user database, which means that you are in full control over what your users may and may not do and see. Logging in with an account from another XP website is not possible.

The so called “back end” of your website is in English. This is the part of your website that is only available to you and what you use to configure your website, manage your client accounts, fulfill orders and so on. The client facing pages are available in Dutch, English and French. We are currently working on versions in Spanish and German.

All your high res files are stored on RAID6 servers which means that failed disks cause no data loss. And even if a completely server fails, there’s a second copy available on a different RAID6 server. All your high res files are stored twice (on separate servers) in our storage network. This is called “redundancy”. Furthermore, you can make a connection with e.g. S3 which lets you automatically store additional copies in the cloud using one of your own accounts that you have with e.g. Amazon or other providers.

  • Need more than 1 TB storage? No problem, we have tailored solutions for XP Pro.
  • Looking for online storage but not in need of a website? That’s also possible, we have “simple storage” solutions starting at 5 TB and upgradeable in steps of 1 TB.

Contact us for more information

Our data center is in The Netherlands (Interxion) and we are a Dutch company. This means that Dutch laws and Europen legislation are applicable to our hosting agreements and your data. Your data and files are yours and yours alone, and third parties do not have access without your permission. This is not as obvious as you may think.

Infradox XP websites have a built-in CMS and there are numerous settings to configure your website without having to know HTML, CSS et cetera. But there’s also a code editor that allows you to change and add templates, which lets you edit Javascript and CSS. You can do this yourself but you can also get a 3rd party to do this for you. Xpertise-ICT BV is of course also available for advanced customisation and development. We generally work for a fixed price so that you know beforehand what you will pay – no surprises afterwards.

Infradox XP websites are installed and configured especially for you and according to your specifications. We don’t charge costs for setting up your solution, which is why we don’t offer a free trial. You can end your XP hosting agreement whenever you want. We don’t offer refunds if you pay per annum so it may be best to pay monthly fees until you are sure that XP is what you need. You can upgrade to yearly payments (lower costs) any time.

Infradox XP is a solution for professional photographers and it is based on the system that we have developed for photo- and video agencies. With XP however, you can only upload your own files (or files from one and the same photographer not necessarily you). Are you looking for an agency solution? Then contact us for a quotation for an Infradox XS website. Are you working together with several other photographers? Then we have the perfect solution for you: a complete version of our system for photo agencies without any costs. Contact us for our conditions.

Managed hosting means that we provide server space, storage space end bandwidth as part of the hosting agreement. Also included is technical management of the hardware, networking infrastructure and the software. And support by use of our Zendesk support system. And we take care of regular updates of the Infradox platform. Uploading new files, granting permissions on user accounts, orders and so on is something you take care of yourself.

On our website you’ll find numerous knowledge base articles with explanations and examples. You can also make a support ticket on If you have a XP Pro subscription, you can also call us during office hours. We also offer training on-site or on-line with Skype screen sharing.

When you are starting with XP, then you’ll probably have a lot of files that you want to add to your online archive. You can send us a hard disk with your files so that we can copy the files to our servers. We do charge 50 Euro for processing of a single disk, so send us bigger disks to save costs.

XP can also be used to archive content for other purposes, e.g. the high res files for your webshop photography. There’s support for files other than photos too, for example illustrations. XP Pro also lets you work with video files.

Our data center has several web servers especially for hosting WordPress sites. For information and pricing have a look at our WordPress hosting page.
We offer online storage solutions on RAID6 servers in our data center starting at 5 Terabyte and upgradeable in steps of 1 Terabyte. We charge 8.00 Euro monthly for 1 TB. You pay 11 months only if you pay per annum. For more info, go to services.

Are you part of a group of collaborating photographers?

We have the perfect solution for collaborating photographers on the Infradox platform! Contact us for more information.

Further information, an online demo or ready to order XP?

Use the form to order XP, to request an online demo or if you just want to get in touch for more information. No obligations, if you decide not to use our services – we won’t store your information.

For information about the Infradox XS platform for stockphoto/video agencies, or for managing large media libraries:

Infradox XS

For a complete overview of functions and features please visit